DG500 bottom joint system installed

May 04, 2018

The bottom joint system that will be used to moor Minesto's DG500 device to the seabed in Holyhead Deep, Wales has been installed onto the gravity-based foundation.

The bottom joint functions as a locking mechanism between the power plant's tether and the seabed foundation. It is also articulated in two axis, which enables the kite to fly its full pattern while being safely linked to the foundation.

The device is in two parts, where one part is integrated in the seabed foundation and the other to the tether. The two parts are joined together with an hydraulic locking device. This integrated solution makes it relatively easily to connect and disconnect the bottom joint subsea, which in turn reduces cost of installation, service and maintenance compared to other available solutions.

The bottom joint system used for Minesto's DG500 installation is a version of Subsea Riser Products' (SRP) Rocksteady, dimensioned for Minesto’s needs. SRP is an established player in the offshore industry with long experience of producing high-strength products for use in harsh environments.

Minesto's gravity-based foundation with the Rocksteady bottom joint system installed in the center of the structure.